About Us

Our establishment is founded on the principles of Real-Estate, focusing on how to make the role of an Agent more efficient and lucrative for all of those in this profession. As current agents actively participating in the day-to-day struggle, we have been able to identify a lot of the insecurities of the industry’s best practices. This exposure is one that could only be appreciated by a Real_estate agent but our solution positively impacts users on both sides of the real-estate market. The creation of this company serves solve these gaps in the productivity through technology driven tools that promote organized and detailed interaction. Cumulatively we have over 45 years of experience and well recognized within the South-Florida region. This tenor allows us to speak directly and intentionally to agents with the understanding the pain points haven lived through them.

Whether been doing real-estate for 50 years or 50 minutes we have all the tools to maximize your profitability and get you into the eyes and hearts of the majority of the market. Our prime audience is the patrons who just moved, are on a business trip, temporarily relocating or just taking an extended vacation. Sunny south Florida is a magnet for extended stays and with our tools you can easily direct them straight to your door. Short-Term MLS wants to help you find the perfect short-term housing solution. Short-Term MLS offers a variety of temporary housing options depending on your needs, including extended stay hotels, corporate apartments, and furnished apartments for rent, privately owned houses, condos and vacation properties. Begin your short-term rental search today and discover your home away from home.