How We Help?


Whether you specialize in short and/or long term rentals, crew housing, property management, or a full-service Realty, Short-Term MLS crew Accommodations, property Management and realty can help to improve your service capability. We maintain a detailed list of fully furnished and unfurnished properties from centrally located crew houses and studio apartments to luxury four-bedroom homes in and around South Florida. Our motivated, innovative, experienced team has an in-depth knowledge of the area, which helps us tailor the tools to accommodate the fast paste of this region. The most important aspect of this entire experience is YOUR commitment to remaining current at all times. The misconception of no money in short-term rentals is solely due to not being able to manage the listings accurately and update the property readiness to accurately promote availability. We promise that is you stay current and keep your calendar up-to-date you will see the benefits of attacking this unexplored market.

Short term rentals can best be described as a transient stay in an apartment or house on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with all the luxuries and amenities that a hotel can offer but not the high price tag. Short-Term MLS specializes in this market with a focus on fully furnished all inclusive properties.

We promote a level of service that few in the industry can compete with. We provide peace of mind, convenience and expert advice from over 45 years combined experience of management. We have contacts with all the necessary contractors to make sure your property/investment is maintained and ensuring that it keeps its value. We maintain a constant, unwavering emphasis on agent satisfaction, a friendly disposition, and a professional attitude in everything that we do.

When you “The Agent” makes the decision to become a part of the Short-Term MLS network to handle the short term management of your property, we assess your property from a variety of aspects, giving you an overall picture of the potential rental income that Short Term MLS could get for your property. Our next step once you have signed our Management Agreement and provided all necessary documentation is to begin extensively marketing your property to qualified tenants. That may entail certain upgrades or changes ensuring the best rental income return possible. We visit the property to take photos, note all amenities and assess the property to make sure that it complies with the requirements of the short term rental program. In the event that we need to make any changes regarding bed configuration and/or stock required, we will inform you immediately and will provide an itemized proposal of our services to bring the property to compliance.

Our agents come first and in order to ensure this, we use one of the best industry specific software packages to run our management database and accounting functions. We provide you with a monthly income and expenses Owner Statement. We pay you by direct deposit so you get your money faster, no matter where you are in the world. Your monthly disbursements/owner’s checks are handled expeditiously after month end. We provide you with a complete history of all income and expenses as well as a year-end summary to assist you in simplifying your tax preparation by not having to search though a years’ worth of statements.